The Joseph Anderson Archaeological Festival 2016

We spent a wonderful August bank holiday weekend demonstrating prehistoric cookery techniques at the Thrumpster archaeological festival. Caithness is a wild and wonderful part of the Highlands, so it was quite an adventure camping there for three nights with my family.

We spent the first day demonstrating simple cookery techniques to school groups. We made dumplings from greens the children foraged with Ele. We boiled the dumplings in pots with hot stones. We used a quern stone to grind hazel nuts and made butter from cream. The second day we built a pit oven and cooked a roe deer in the ground wrapped in sea weed, Heather and dough. It was sampled by all and tasted pretty good.

Luckily for my children there were plenty of other activities going on, including Bob Pegg and his music and storytelling (which Thora watched all day!) Jenny also built and fired up her kiln, Ele foraged wild foods, James demonstrated flint knapping and there was weaving as well as spinning. It was such an interesting event..great people and

lots of fires!

Caithness archaeological festival 2016- Jenny's hand built kiln
Caithness archaeological festival 2016- Jenny’s hand built kiln

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