Wild Rose makes….

As a natural result of the courses we run and skills we have, people have asked us where they can buy the things we make. The answer is right here.

Needle Felting Kits

We have just finished, washing, dyeing and drying the wool for our new needle felting kits. They will contain our own naturally dyed wool, Shetland, Hebridian, Cheviot fleece, two felting needles, a sponge and instructions. We are starting off with Blue-tit and Robin kits. The kits contain everything needed to make a unique little bird. We use natural Indigo, Madder, Turmeric, Onion Skins, Gorse flowers and more to dye the fleece. We dye outside over an open fire. The kits are beautifully packaged with handmade labels making our little birds a perfect gift. I

Wild Rose Makes, needle felting kits;  Robin or Blue Tit, containing naturally dyed fleece: £15 each (plus postage £2.80).

If you would like multiple birds, please contact us by e-mail as we will try and reduce the postage costs where possible!

Which Kit?

Hand-Printed Silk Scarves

Each silk scarf is completely unique as we use an unusual technique called eco printing, to print each scarf individually using natural dyes. We dye the scarves by directly laying the flowers, leaves, lichen, wood, bark and roots onto the silk. We then roll up the silk and steam our silk bundles. This process extracts the dye directly from the materials into the scarf, leaving beautiful patterns. We leave the bundles for a couple of days and then unroll them and then over dye some with Indigo or Madder. We mordant (fix) the dyes using Aluminium sulphate. The scarves are then washed and pressed ready to wear. Natural, beautiful and completely unique!

5 colour choices: soft pink, terracotta & purples, blue & turquoise, yellow, white.

The scarves come in two sizes large £40 (45cmx180cm) small £35 (40cmx150cm)

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