Our ethics


We do our best to have a positive impact on the places and people in the area where we live and work and on the people who come and stay with us.

We ensure that as much of the money generated from our holidays goes into the local economy as is possible. We only source services and products from outside the local area as a last resort.

We help support other small businesses and sole-traders in the locality by dealing with them in preference to larger businesses when ever possible.

We want guests to go home feeling not just revitalised, but also with greater appreciation of all that the Scottish Highlands have to offer; the breath-taking landscapes, outstanding natural history, world-class ingredients and the richness of its ancient and historic past.

Mission Statement

Everything we do is aimed at making a positive impact on the people who stay with us and on the people, places and communities that we introduce them to.

Economic Responsibility

We recognise the importance of the positive effect we can have on our local economy and also on the wider Highland rural economy.

Our commitment to using local services wherever possible includes sourcing locally for all our accommodation and transport, for virtually all the food we serve and most of the experts that we use.

We generate employment and revenue for local people and businesses including farmers, stalkers, market stall holders, fishermen, mountain guides, environmentalists, artists, craftsmen, childminders, taxi drivers, bars, cafes, restaurants and shops.

Almost all the revenue generated by our holidays goes into the local economy and most of it doesn’t even leave the glen!

Environmental Responsibility

We believe passionately in protecting our local environment. This is especially significant here as we are fortunate to live and work in the middle of an area internationally renown for its rich ecology and untamed wilderness. We have started a long term program of work in Crochail Wood, which is designed to increase the quantity and diversity of wildlife that it contains. Amongst the nationally and locally significant species which we are seeking to protect and improve habitats for are red squirrels, pine martins, black grouse, pearl-bordered fritillaries, scottish wild cats, smooth and palmate newts and other, less glamorous, species such as various lichens, fungi and invertebrates.

We source local produce to cut down on food miles and to avoid buying from large, industrial agri-businesses. Most of our fruit and vegetables come from small farms on or near the Black Isle and is organic or naturally grown if available. Our principal butcher buys their meat ‘on the hoof’ at a nearby market from local farmers and it is slaughtered and butchered locally as well, improving wellfare for the livestock and the quality of the meat. Our fish comes mostly from nearby east coast fishing ports and our shell fish from independant fishermen on the west coast, including creel caught langoustine and hand dived scallops.

We re-use and recycle all that we can, from paper in the office to fishing rope washed up on the beach. We compost all are food waste.

We are very aware of the natural unspoilt beauty of the area and endeavour to help keep it that way. On visits to the seaside we carry a few bin bags so we can do a stint beach cleaning before leaving. We encourage clients to adopt the responsible tourist’s mantra: “leave only foot prints, take only photographs”.

We arrange local experts to give talks on the wildlife of our region, highlighting their work and specific problems that some species have. We support local charities including the RSBP and the Highland Animal Hospital.

Social Responsibility

The Highland of Scotland is a sparsely populated area dominated by massive tract of mountainous wilderness. Our business helps to support and expand a regional network of like-minded individuals. We help to encourage cohesion and skill-sharing amongst craft practitioners and our other specialists.

The nature of many of our specialists’ professions can lead to a fairly solitary or isolated existence for periods of the year (or permanently!). For many of them it is nice to see a bunch of fresh faces from time to time. It is also worth noting that demonstrating skills and teaching brings satisfaction and rewards that working alone can not.

We make every effort to provide our clients with a complete picture of Highland life. Our local guides and experts share historical, archaeological and environmental information during evening talks and on site visits. We will also try to ensure that they get a taste of the evening live music sessions which are as much part of the Highlands as the mountains themselves.