The wildlife camera

Stag at night

Last month we set up a wildlife camera in the woods. It has been brilliant, meaning we have been able to take photos and films of animals which are using the woods. The camera has infra red so it can also work at night. It is sensitive to movement, so at first we had quite few pictures of Otto the dog.

Pine Marten climbing the fence

So far we have moved it to a few different spots and managed to photogragh and film, pine martens, red deer, foxes and badgers. The great thing is the animals are acting completely naturally as they are undisturbed by humans. We hope to catch red squirrels on film, which may be a little trickier. Here are a few of the photos and as soon as I work out how to edit the film that will be on here too!

Here’s the film… Alex and I are quite pleased with this, as it took us a while, not being really very technical people, we had a lot of help from our friend Paul, especially with the titles and music, Enjoy!

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