The Goats

Ellie and Thora feeding the goats.

The goats are finally here! We have now had Christina and Phyllis for a week. They are both very young only 5 and 7 weeks old. We are bottle feeding them 4 times a day, so it’s pretty full time at the momnet, no more family days out for a while! So far they have been so rewarding, very gentle, fun, naughty and characterful. Thora our two year old daughter is in heaven! I’m not sure if the goats think they are toddlers or she now thinks she’s a goat, but they follow her everywhere.

Christina is an Anglo Nubian goat (black and white) and Phyllis is a Saanen (white). They are both going to grow up to be pretty big, but gentle we hope! Their characters are very different,  the Anglo Nubian is very relaxed and not interested in moving far, with a quiet little bleet. The Saanen is the one full of beans and in to everything, everything she shouldn’t really be eating she goes for, she has even taken on our Cheviot tup!

Today we put them into their new goat shed, secure and warm and draft free. An exciting day, as up till now they have been inside, as the weather has been pretty cold.

We hope next year to put them both to kid and then milk them once they have had their babies. I am keen to make cheese and yogurt from the milk, but we need Alex to build a mini goat dairy first! We will let you know how it all goes.

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