Willow Weaving

Tonight I have been making simple willow circles to take into my daughter’s school tomorrow, so they can have a go at willow weaving. We thought we might try and make simple platters with them. The school has cut green willow which we are going to use for the weaving, but I made the circles from willow I have been soaking in our pond..I hope for not too long, Alex wasn’t too happy when I brought it indoors to bend (it was raining and dark outside).

Willow weaving at Wild Rose Escapes
Lately we have been doing quite a bit of basket weaving, as a friend of ours showed us a really nifty basket design which uses two woven circles as the frame. I like it as you need hardly any tools as there is very little bashing around. It was a great basket to do as a group. We have managed to meet three times now in our village hall, and between us probably made a fair few of these lovely little and big baskets..all looking so different, the beauty of weaving and hand skills.

I have such a large stack of willow now, it would be great to get an expert in to run some basket weaving courses here at some point, especially as we now have a bit more space in the barn. The round house is also getting ready for the start of our Spring craft courses and hen parties. Today I have cleaned out the whole round house, ready to add the floor, carpets and of course the all essential wood burner. It will be beautifully cosy in a few days time…ready for our first hen party of the year.
If you are interested in alternative hen parties in the Highlands of Scotland get in touch www.wildrose-escapes.co.uk

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