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I was busy designing a new poster for our May Relaxation Retreat this Spring, when Thora knocked on the door with her pet cockerel “Tiny” (as he was when he first hatched). She asked if Tiny could come in as he was a bit cold. I said no – but as

Can Tiny come in?

she persisted on standing outside in the snow with cockerel in her arms, she got colder and colder, so I eventually let the duo in. Tiny then went on to entertain my children for about 2 hours. During this time what I didn’t realize was that Thora managed to give him a full makeover. She painted his beak and nails with blue nail varnish and he didn’t even blink. Tiny says is all… he is so relaxed he let a three year old, do a makeover on him with out a squeak.

If you fancy getting as chilled as Tiny (no makeovers required) perhaps our May Relaxation retreat, which includes morning yoga with Joany, stunning landscapes, lovely walks, delicious healthy home cooking and beautiful accommodation…is just the thing!

May 2-9th Wild Rose Escapes Relaxation Retreat


 Relax and unwind in the heart of the Scottish Highlands

“Tiny” the cockerel gets a makeover


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