Natural Dyeing weekend

Today was day one of our June Natural Dyeing course. We seemed to have every sort of weather, but we kept the fires going and foraged for dye plants including, Bracken, Broom flowers and tree lichen.

We managed to chop, sort, mix and make 4 lovely dyes, but will end up with about eight different shades from today. On our first days dyeing we usually focus on the yellows and greens.  We dyed Shetland, white, brown and grey fleece, silk and cotton squares to be made into a row of bunting.

Tomorrow we will be over dyeing with Madder and Indigo as well as a few other extra dyes. The Madder and Indigo will make pinks and blues, but by over dyeing the yellows from today we will make many shades of green.

A lovely day, a great group, lots of chat, food and tea drinking!

Dyeing with bracken


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