Natural Dyeing Course -coming up

Next weekend we are running a natural dyeing weekend at Crochail woods. As much of the weekend as possible will be spent outdoors, making dyes over a fire. It is a great weekend for really getting started in natural dyeing. We combine foraged local plants, imported ancient dyes and houshold items, to create a full palette of colours.

Naturally Dyed Fleece

Over the weekend you will have a chance to make dyes with:

Nettles, Broom, Birch Bark, Lichen, Bracken, Madder, Indigo, Onion Skins, Marigold and more.

We dye white, brown and grey fleeces to create lighter and darker shades. You can use your dyed fleece to felt with, for spinning or just to enjoy.

If you would like to join us for the weekend, there is great campsite down the road, which has brilliant little pods, or lots of great B&B’s nearby.

Have a look at the main website for more details.


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