My healthy little pancakes


I have always loved making pancakes as they are such an easy thing to put together if you have run out of breakfast or teatime treats. My pancakes/drop scones are bursting fully of lovely bits and bobs I chuck in from my larder, this always changes depending what I have when I make them. I have made these little pancakes for tea when my groups get back from a day of crafting or walking. They are also great as a Sunday morning breakfast treat for my kids. I make them inside using a cast iron pan or outside over a fire using my tri-pod and griddle.


4 tbs Whole wheat splet flour

2 tbs Ground Almonds

1 egg

half a grated apple

1 pinch of mixed spice/cinnamon

1 Dessert spoon of maple syrup (optional)

1 Handful of sultanas or blueberries or blackcurrants (whatever is about)

1 cup of milk or oat milk


I put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix, then I grate in the apple and mix in the egg and dried or fresh fruit. I give everything a good mix and then gradually add the milk -mixing. You may not need all the milk as you want the mixture to be quite thick, more like thick cream than normal pancake batter. Once everything is mixed. I heat a little oil in the pan, and ladle a small amount into the pan, I usually fit 4 pancakes into each pan, as they are only small pancakes (more like drop scones). Make sure the heat is not too high, and slowly let them cook, once you see a bubble rise in the batter, turn the pancakes and let them cook on the other side, they usually take a couple of minutes on each side.

Once they are cooked, my girls love eating them for breakfast with plain yogurt and fruit, with jam and butter, or maple syrup on top.

Have a go they are so easy and make a nice change- taste good and are packed full of lovely ingredients.

If you don’t fancy making these but would like to try them, join us when the restrictions are over, on one of our craft courses, retreats or holidays in Strathglass, Highlands, Scotland.

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