May’s felting course – what was made

Here are some pictures of the work from our last Felting Weekend Workshop. There were some beautiful pieces, two of

Image of Red Deer

the group made Mongolian style floor mats for sitting on, which were made

wet felted bag

using Cheviot and Shetland fleece and then a mix of naturally dyed Shetland and Cheviot fleece. The picture to the left shows the image of the red deer, which Sonja has laid down on bubble wrap, before adding the white fleece on top. She wet felted the final piece and ended up with a beautiful Mongolian floor mat. The bag to the right is a seamless bag, which was made by using a template. The handle was then made by rolling the wool. All these items were made by wet felting, using several techniques including, hand felting, rolling and throwing.

If you are interested in joining us for a weekend felt-making course, our next one with space on, is running on August 11th & 12th (see the website for more details). If you live more locally we also run day felting workshops.

Happy felting!


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