May Relaxation Retreat

Special offer Spring Relaxation Retreat!

 In May we are running our first Relaxation week of the year. This will be our sixth year running our retreats and holidays in the Highlands of Scotland. I can’t believe all that time has passed… and yet at the same time so much has changed since we first started running Wild Rose Escapes.

Over the years we have found a way of running our relaxation weeks that seems so offer everyone what they need from a retreat. We have organised yoga, walking, craft, relaxation sessions, but also make it clear our guests can do as little or as much while they are with us. The Steading, where we run the retreats has such a lovely relaxing atmosphere, some of our guests just enjoy chatting around the large kitchen table, enjoying the smells coming out of the kitchen!

This year we have made one little change, we have Ele coming one evening to do a little bit of storytelling and music – a real treat. Although running the retreats always feels like such a treat to Joanie and I as we get to meet such interesting people, walk every day in beautiful places, do some yoga, eat well and laugh alot!

If you feel like Escaping come join us we have a few spaces left….

Spring Relaxation Retreat Offer

£100 off per person -May Relaxation Retreat (can-not be used alongside any other offers).

Campanula rotundiflora, Scottish bluebell (Oldshoremore beach)


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