Iolo’s new cooking tripod

The new cooking tripod

We are now lucky enough to have one of Iolo’s bespoke tripods and griddle. We tried it out on on of our May Prehistoric cookery days, it was great and makes boiling the kettle so easy. We even made Gorse flower drop scones on the griddle after supper, they were perfect and i’m not a great drop scone maker!

We also have a new cast iron kettle, as just before the season started our faithful decided to spring a leak! The tripod is really useful for pots, kettles and brillant for dye pots as we can adjust the height of it over the fire.

Today we have been collecting Broom flowers, to make a dye from. It makes a lovely yellow or green natural dye. The petals taste like peas! But be careful not to mix them up with the non native type which is not edible.

We have also been scytheing down the bracken, it’s quite a job at this time of year, but worth it. It has to be done at least three times to have an impact. We want to graze sheep and goats in one of our clearings, this year and next, so we want to try and create as much grazing as possible. We have a very old, heavy scythe, so by the time it’s done my left arm is going to be much stronger!

Our next Prehistoric cookery weekend is on July 21st and 22nd.

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