Getting ready for winter

Alex and I have been sorting the barn and getting ready for winter. We have taken down Ellie and Craig’s Ger, dried it out and packed it away. This week Alex got started on our goat shed and fencing.

The new goat shed

It looks pretty appealing so far, I’m even thinking a slightly larger model would do quite well for us. Now the fencing has to be done, which is pretty important with goats, as we don’t want them eating all the baby trees. Luckily the particular breed are getting are not as keen as some at escaping (so we have been told).

I have also been getting everything ready for next year, setting dates and organising courses. We start are new alternative hen do’s in the Spring, so we have been looking at lots of great local accommodation perfect for those not keen on camping. Our first hen party will be in April, so really looking forward to that. They combine everything we love doing and do already, but this is a unique and special package for groups of friends. They are not exclusive to hens and their friends and can also be run for groups of friends and colleagues.

Our winter newsletter will be out soon if you are interested in receiving it just let us know.

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