Getting ready for the summer

The Mongolian Ger

For the last few weeks Alex and I have been getting ready for the season. Our friends Ele and Craig have lent us thier Mongolian Ger (Yurt), which we put up with the help of Julie last weekend. It was a last minute decision, as it looked like the weather was going to turn for the rest of the week. There was only the three of us, plus Thora, so it was hard work! -and took all day, but we finally got it up and it feels and looks great. After a day of heaving fleece, canvas and poles around, we went and had supper at the Steading down the road, to celebrate our achievements!

Onion skins, gorse, indigo and madder

I have also been busy dyeing again, now the weather is warmer. I have been constantly washing fleeces, including an alpaca fleece, which feels wonderful now it is clean, the colours are stunning, dirty pinks, creams and whites.

This week I dyed using good old onion skins, gorse, madder and indigo, over dyeing to make different shades of green and purple.



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