Felting with Naturally Dyed Fleece

I have spent the last week sorting through all my fleeces, unwashed, washed, carded and dyed. I managed to get rid of a lot of the old stuff, fleeces that were too old to use now, which felt brittle and dry when pulled. They are now lying on my compost heap, ready to mulch the trees. I also bagged up my dyed fleece, all those little bits that get left at the end of a felting session. I have decided to try and spin them into a yarn, which I will then eventually knit into a blanket, a lovely tiny bits and bobs blanket! I hate waste and I am a terrible hoarder, but some things just need to go..and it feels a relief to have got rid of some of it. The rest is now neatly stored and ready for the start of our courses next weekend.

Our first craft course with spaces on is our..
Felting Weekend April 22nd-23rd
Come and join us for a weekend of wet felting using naturally dyed fleece. Most of our fleece comes from either our Shetland sheep or Natalie’s which live down the road. We use white and coloured fleeces and dye them using plant dyes, giving beautiful natural shades, perfect for creating Highland scenes on a unique felted wall hanging.

If you would like to find out more details have a look at our website www.wildrose-escapes.co.uk

Wet felt-making

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