Felted Venus Figurines

It’s the time of year I start thinking about the craft courses we have running in 2019.  We have some of the old favourites and a few new additions. 

I am particularly excited about Fi Oberon coming back in May to help with our Fleece to Felt week. May 25th-June 1st 2019. This year Fi has been focusing alot of her own work on Venus Figurines and the tree of life. She has made some beautiful sculptural pieces from felt. Fi mainly uses needle felting, and produces stunning pieces of work from fleece and her needles. We thought we might adopt some of these themes on this year’s Fleece to Felt week (for those who would like to). 

I have always loved the look and significance of Venus figurines, ever since I studied them as an archaeological student. The Venus figurine is one of the most iconic images of palaeolithic art,  made from stone, ceramics or bone. They may have been made from other materials too, which did not survive, such as wood and maybe even textiles. The figurines features and different materials make them unique to each place or person they are made by. There is no certainty for their use, these tactile and sometimes tiny objects, may have been fertility goddesses, which seems most likely when you look at their exaggerated features, with large breasts and hips. 

So if you would like to make your own Venus figurine from fleece you have washed, sorted, carded and naturally dyed using plant dyes..join us in May for a spot of archaeological felting! 

Fleece to felt week May 25th-June 1st 2019

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