Extra Craft Course Dates for 2017

Due to a busy start to the year we have added a few extra dates for 2017.

Dye to Spin, Eco-printing & Felting

Our July Dye to Spin week is now full so we have added a shorter spinning course in August. Our August course will be running from 14th-19th August. Guests will have a chance to have two full days of natural dyeing in the woods and then two full days of hand spinning tuition with Bridie. Participants will hand-dye their own fleece, using plants they have foraged as well as ancient imported dyes. Dyeing and then spinning fleece was a far more common practice in Highland crofting life than spinning and then dyeing yarn (which is often more common these days). Spinning either with a drop spindle or a spinning wheel, after dyeing fleece can give more uniform colours and it is wonderful to see the process of coloured fleece turning in wool/yarn.

We have also added a couple of extra weekend courses, including Eco-printing in June (10th-11th) and Felting with naturally dyed fleece in August (12th-13th) – just get in touch if you fancy Escaping…

Bridie Spinning -Wild Rose Escapes, Dye to Spin week

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