Botantical Dyes

I have been on my travels over the Easter holidays and I found myself up in beautiful Durness, which is famous for its stunning beaches, including one of my favorites – Balnakiel, as well as it’s craft village. The craft village is the perfect respite from windy or wet weather as it has cafes and lots of little intriguing craft shops, selling ceramics, textiles, glass and knitwear.

One of my favorite places..NW Highlands, Scotland
I came across a lovely little shop selling ‘Botanically hand dyed yarn’. Beautiful colours inspired by the North Highland landscapes. I have always used the term naturally dyed or plant dyes but botanically dyed sounds even more inviting! After reading more I realized I had worked with the couple who were producing these lovely yarns at an archaeological festival in Thurso. The world of dyeing and spinning is small!
Although, we do hand dye with plant dyes and spin our fleece, we never have enough time to sell any, as everything we produce is made or used on our natural dyeing, felting or spinning courses. If anyone is looking for particularly special yarns for a project Gongcrafts, would be a great place to
“Handcarded and spun yarns reflecting land, sea and skyscapes in the far North of Scotland”.

If you want to learn how to naturally dye fleece, felt, spin or print with botanical dyes have a look at our Spring, Summer and Autumn

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