Washed down with nettle beer!

The nettles were pretty late up here this year, but they are out in force now! I have been busy making nettle beer, which is

Wild Food Foraging

a lovely refreshing drink on a summery day and rather good for you too! Nettles are packed full of vitamins and iron and have therefore always be used as a spring tonic, well needed after a long winter in the Highlands.

The recipe below is easy to make and does not need to be left long before drinking, but the longer you leave it the more alcoholic it becomes.

 Nettle Beer 


100 nettle stalks with leaves

12 litres of water

1 ½ kilos of sugar, 50gm of cream of tartar, 15gm yeast

Boil nettles in 12 litres of water for 15 minutes. Strain and add the sugar and cream of tartar. Stir until sugar dissolved. Wait until tepid and then add the yeast and stir well. Cover with a muslin and leave for 24 hours. Remove the scum and bottle, cork and tie down, or use beer bottles with fixed stopper. The beer can be ready within a week and makes a delicious light beer perfect for the summer.

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