The house build -getting the wood out

We have had such a busy couple of weeks here in the woods. We have been putting in the forestry track and extracting wood for the house build. Our ewes have also now had all their lambs. Unfortunately the last of them had twins and rejected the small female. So we have ended up bottle feeding her. She now follows me and Ottie (the dog) everywhere! She is so tiny I end up tripping over my own feet.

This week I can mostly hear the sound of Alex’s chainsaw as he cuts down timber in the woods. We currently have a digger, tractor and dumper down there, as well as Ian and Martin who are working with Alex to get the wood out. They have become quite a team, everything is changing so fast now. The track into the woods has really opened it up, bringing in more light and of course more access, I think Alex must have cut us enough fire wood to last for the next 10 years.

It is all go here as we have a deadline Monday when Sage will be coming with his mobile saw mill, to mill the timber into the right dimensions for the house. We thought we had bags of time before the mile came, but all the hard work has meant, chain saw chains breaking, diggers giving up and the tractors needing new parts, so quite a bit of stopping and starting -but hopefully we will get there for Monday.

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