Needle Felting

Needle felting is a great winter craft. I usually do lots of my wet felting outside or in the barn, so when the temperatures drop it is nice to do

Roses, petals and a Blue tit.

some work tucked up inside, by the burner. I enjoy needle felting as it can be really quick and easy with great results.  I am terrible for not leaving enough time to make presents, so needle felting something is always a great saver for me! I can always quickly knock up a needle felted badge or brooch. This week I ran a workshop for the Craigmonie craft club. It was a lovely evening, with a talented group, who all produced something beautiful in the 2 hours we had.

I showed the group how to make a needle felted Rose or other flower, which is very simple and effective. I hope next week to make a little film to show those who are interested how to do it, so please watch this space! The Blue-tit is also quite straight forward, although, it is always best to start with something 2d and then move onto 3d -but soon we will all have little  felted Blue-tits on our mantel pieces.





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