Natural Dyeing

We have just finished fencing part of the clearing in the woods and today we moved our Shetland sheep in. They were so happy to be on fresh pasture again and the lambs loved it. The clearing was full of wild flowers including our first Orchids and although there are lots of them all over the Highlands of Scotland, it is still a thrill to see them. Our lambs don’t seem to have too much sense, especially the bottle fed one and they have been nibbling at the Foxgloves ( they are poisonous) , so we decided to pull them up as we have so many others all over the woods. So now I will make a dye from them, I have held back from dyeing with Foxgloves until now, as I was never keen to pull them up mid flower, but this is the perfect opportunity to try it out…I will post the results

Dyeing with Foxgloves

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