Milling the wood for our house

We moved to the woods over 3 years ago, since then we have been working towards building our house. We have taken our time so far, as we have been having children, running the business, sorting out planning and building warrants and all the other bits of paper needed!

Timber stack

The first part to all of this was putting an access track down into the woods so we could cut and take out the trees to build the house. Lucky for us much of the woodland is Douglas fir which is great for building. So as the track went further and further in, more and more trees came out…as we had not done this before it was hard for us to work out exactly how much we would need. Alex spent nights calculating how much he thought we would need, but it was not until the saw mill actually came that we would be able to really work it out. At the end of the week Sage arrived from Ullapool with his mobile saw mill. He spent a week with us, with Alex and various other friends helping (thank-you Paul, Craig and Al). We had beautiful sunshine for the first few days and then driving rain, but the mill kept going! By the end of the week we had a hug pile of saw dust outside the barn, a stack of backs and a barn full of neatly stacked milled timber, ready to season. Alex was delighted, Sage actually took pictures of Alex’s stacks to put on his website, as he said they were the neatest stacks he had ever seen!

Sage and his mobile saw mill

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