Hand-made Felted Aga Covers

Thank-you Cath for sending this picture of the Aga covers she made while on one of our felt-making

Hand Felted Aga tops

weekends last summer. It was a beautiful sunny day and we managed to spend the whole weekend outside felting, we even had to reapply sun cream and wear hats it was so hot – feels unimaginable at the moment!

The covers look really great. Felt is an excellent insulator, so works very well as covers for an Aga, keeping the heat in while not in use. Cath made these by laying the wool down either side of a template, wet felting it and then cutting around the edge and taking the template out. Cath  put the covers in the washing machine when she got home to shrink them a little more. They look great.

If you fancy making bespoke Aga covers get in touch and we will show you how!


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