Cannich Craft Day

We are having a traditional craft day on Sunday June 10th in Cannich this summer. We (the Strathglass community hall committee) are gathering  local crafts people together to demonstrate and teach their crafts. The idea is to showcase as many traditional crafts as possible, to give people (particularly the young) a chance to just have a go. We will have spinners, felt makers, weavers, basket makers, a lace maker and dress makers, as well as lots of different craft stalls, all selling locally produced unique pieces.

We hope to make a large piece of felt for the village hall Mongolian style!

Making felt Mongolian style with ponies at Cougie

Herding ponies in Mongolia

Today Alex and I have been at Cougie trekking centre, where with the help of Ian and Sasha’s ponies we are planning on making a piece of felt  Mongolian style. This is done by rolling up the wool in canvas and dragging it behind the ponies. We now have a plan of what we all need to do, now we just have to put it all together! Luckily Ian’s ponies have the perfect  temperament, which should make our job a little easier once we get to the next stage.

If all goes ok with the test run, we hope to show case the amazing felting ponies on Cannich craft day!

I will keep you posted.

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